Quotes from “Relentless” by Tim Grover

Today I need to share some mind-blowing quotes from this short book (or, I'd rather say "mantra") I happened to buy on my kindle in 2013 - because, yes, Kobe himself advertised it on his facebook page. The author is the legendary personal trainer of people like Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade and, of course, Kobe … Continue reading Quotes from “Relentless” by Tim Grover

Links a caso #3

1 - Cosa significa essere felici? Fare il lavoro che si ama 2 - Il mio libro? Lo pubblico da me grazie al web 3 - Nasce l'Erasmus del lavoro 4 - "Non chiamateci renziani. Noi siamo del PD ma vogliamo cambiarlo" 5 - DALLA CINA/Lao Xi: così l'Italia rischia di sparire a settembre 6 - Nella … Continue reading Links a caso #3

Random links #2

1 - Hire Economics: Why Applying to Jobs Is a Waste of Time 2 - How to Get From Distraction to Satisfaction 3 - Try Africapitalism 4 - Forget Poverty. Let's Talk About Business 5 - Tesla: Electric Cars Are The Future 6 - China's Great Uprooting: Moving 250 Millions Into Cities 7 - Why … Continue reading Random links #2