Links a caso #3

1 - Cosa significa essere felici? Fare il lavoro che si ama 2 - Il mio libro? Lo pubblico da me grazie al web 3 - Nasce l'Erasmus del lavoro 4 - "Non chiamateci renziani. Noi siamo del PD ma vogliamo cambiarlo" 5 - DALLA CINA/Lao Xi: così l'Italia rischia di sparire a settembre 6 - Nella … Continue reading Links a caso #3

Random links # 3

1 - Should Southern Europe Really Be More German? 2 - Can China Give BRICS Their Own Bank? 3 - China-Africa Trade: The Oriental Allure 4 - Confucianism as a World Religion 5 - Africa's Cowboy Capitalists 6 -  Obama Launches Action Plan To Address Emissions and Battle Climate Change 7 - Mediobanca to Sell Stakes in Big … Continue reading Random links # 3

Il re dell’isola

Qualche giorno fa è uscito su The Freak un articolo che ho scritto sulla storia del mio caro amico Mattia, "contadino 2.0" come quelli cui rimandavo nella rassegna della scorsa settimana. Se notate bene, in fondo alla pagina c'è anche un video (un pò rozzo, non essendo il sottoscritto nè regista nè grafico) in cui … Continue reading Il re dell’isola

Flash Floods In South-Central Italy

A brief assignment I prepared for the British Columbia University's Climate Literacy class I'm currently taking (@coursera). The research has been carried out very quickly and the video is roughly assembled, but I'm pretty satisfied with the responses had so far (every paper has to undergo a peer review by other students around the world).

Random links #2

1 - Hire Economics: Why Applying to Jobs Is a Waste of Time 2 - How to Get From Distraction to Satisfaction 3 - Try Africapitalism 4 - Forget Poverty. Let's Talk About Business 5 - Tesla: Electric Cars Are The Future 6 - China's Great Uprooting: Moving 250 Millions Into Cities 7 - Why … Continue reading Random links #2

Links a caso #1

Ecco anche la rassegna settimanale dei giornali e blog italiani. Le tematiche che m'interessano maggiormente sono varie, ma tutte collegate tra loro: 1 - Dati alla mano, la laurea specialistica non conviene 2 - Cosa lega Gezi Park, Goldman Sachs e le sanzioni all'Iran? 3 - Psicanalisi di Bersani 4 - La spesa pubblica per … Continue reading Links a caso #1

Random links #1

Here's a weekly review of the most interesting articles I happened to read online. I invite you to choose the best one and share some thoughts on it: 1- China is giving Europe a harsh lesson in geopolitics 2 - Sustainability is unhelpful: we need to think about regeneration 3 - Missing Mahmoud 4 - Female … Continue reading Random links #1

A Harsh Reality: The Best Hope for Italy’s Youth Today Lies Abroad

  by Alberto Forchielli More and more young Italians are heading to China to find employment, or at least just to have an occupation and gain experience, even without pay. The chance to learn and to add to one’s curriculum vitae in the hopes of a better chance of employment in the future is enough. … Continue reading A Harsh Reality: The Best Hope for Italy’s Youth Today Lies Abroad