Quotes from “Relentless” by Tim Grover

Today I need to share some mind-blowing quotes from this short book (or, I’d rather say “mantra”) I happened to buy on my kindle in 2013 – because, yes, Kobe himself advertised it on his facebook page.

The author is the legendary personal trainer of people like Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade and, of course, Kobe Bryant. He writes as an athletics insider, he’s not an intellectual or a philosopher (neither a good writer).

The main advice here is “DON’T THINK”… so I strongly suggest this read to sports people and all the ones in search for motivational stuff and the like.

Anyway, I deem true that the same tenets presented here make sense and could be useful in every field of life.

But I want to clarify one point, which is the same one who brought the book so much criticism:

This lifestyle, this approach, these suggestions are not for everyone. Indeed they’re gonna be somehow useful to a relatively very few circle of people around the world.

Just read it and think about the average people surrounding you in your daily life…

«In order to have what you really want, you must first be who you really are»

«What would you have to sacrifice to have what you really want? Your social life? Relationships? Credit cards? Free time? Sleep? Now answer this question: What are you willing to sacrifice? If those two lists don’t match up, you don’t want it badly enough.»

«Do. The. Work. Every day, you have to do something you don’t want to do. Every day. Challenge yourself to be uncomfortable, push past the apathy and laziness and fear»

«Being relentless means demanding more of yourself than anyone else could ever demand of you, knowing that every time you stop, you can still do more.»

«Ask yourself where are you now, and where you want to be instead. Ask yourself what you’re willing to do to get there. Then make a plan to get there. Act on it.»

«Always alone, even in a crowd, even when you’re surrounded by an entire arena of fans screaming your name. Alone in your head, alone with that buzz no one but you can feel… no outside static. No distraction.»

«Most people are the lion in the cage. Safe, tame, predictable, waiting for something to happen. But for humans, the cage isn’t made of glass and steel bars, it’s made of bad advice and low self-esteem and bullshit rules and tortured thinking about what you can’t do or what you’re supposed to do.» (uh, Nietzschean deja-vu..)

«The greats never stop learning.»

«Surround yourself with those who want you to succeed, who recognize what it takes to be successful. People who don’t pursue their own dreams probably won’t encourage you to pursue yours»

And this next one is my favorite:

«From this point, your strategy is to make everyone else get on your level, you’re not going down to theirs. You’re not competing with anyone else, ever again. They’re going to have to compete with you. From now on, the end result is all that matters».

And there are many, many more great insights to discover.

I’m 100% sure it will change the way you look at life and success.


After a couple of years, I changed my life’s direction thanks to this book.

My income soared (and keeps on soaring), I have waaay more self-confidence, I enjoy more intense relationships, and I discovered the secret to how to actually CHOOSE what can influence me and what not…

An enormous, marvelous, perpetual sense of power.

And by the way, and I also play better basketball 🙂

That’s why I highly recommend to grab a copy ASAP




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