2012 ends with these sounds

Firewater – International Orange (2012) – A fresh mix of rock and world music, the follow-up to the wonderful Golden Hour (2008)

Motley Crue – Greatest Hits (1998) – When I saw them live at Gods of metal 2009 I didn’t appreciate, just because I always discarded hair metal and stuff. Never listened to them before, but – don’t know why – I recently started enjoying Dr. Feelgood and other classics. For those who don’t know them, they’re a bit heavier version of Guns’n’roses.

Muse – The 2nd Law (2012) – No need for introduction: their last album. Until this very moment I can only say there are 2-3 awesome pieces. I like the dub-step vibe.

Bon Jovi – Bounce (2002) – Twelve years ago I stopped at It’s my life and One wild night, never heard of this until a month ago. Notwithstanding the ballads, it’s hard to find such highly motivational, energetic, positive heavy-pop-rock music out there.

The National – High violet (2010) – Sad, melodic, apocalyptic new wave music in the vein of Joy Division, Interpol etc. Why most of the girls that I know adore this style? It makes you go deeper down, wandering around the darkside of life, but if you’re not strong enough it could really kill you.

and to finish…a weird christmas album by Mark Lanegan:

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