Random links #1

Here’s a weekly review of the most interesting articles I happened to read online. I invite you to choose the best one and share some thoughts on it:

1- China is giving Europe a harsh lesson in geopolitics

2 – Sustainability is unhelpful: we need to think about regeneration

3 – Missing Mahmoud

4 – Female Breadwinners and the Power of the Market

5 – The Rise of the African Woman

6 – UN Climate Change Talks Ends in Germany with Progress and Debate

7 – How Asia works

8 – Historic Goals to End Extreme Poverty Endorsed by World Bank Governors

9 – The Next Green Revolution (This Time Without Fossil Fuels)

10 – History of NBA Conspiracy Theories


I’ll post a page like this every Sunday, and an Italian version will also follow soon.

Stay in touch!


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