How To Achieve Happiness at Work

So here we are, Christmas Time!

Since I humbly aspire to be a power for good, today I’ll give you a hint on the best way you can come out of these holidays with something that is really helpful (and not just a big belly and some random goals for the next year).

Have you ever been interested in meditation?

I did, for a long time, but it’s just in the last months that I managed to practice it consistently.

I started by taking a very practical approach (even though the spiritual side appeals to me a lot too)

And I gotta thank my Dutch friend, Bryn. He said, for him everything started with this video:

After watching it , he began meditating on a daily basis, and this habit replaced any need for drugs or alcohol.

And the same for me, though it all came from this amazing book right here:

(Only for these Christmas Holidays) Available at just $3.35 on Amazon Kindle!

As I’m a big Daniel Goleman fan, it immediately attracted me. And delivered on its promise.

Even the best jobs (and I work from home as a freelance, I can’t complain!) are filled with stress, tough deadlines, impatient bosses or clients, seemingly endless meetings—all the ills of harried life.

But as science increasingly shows, meditation is the antidote.

This book by Sharon Salzberg is probably the best tool on how to manage stresses at work, and be creative, fulfilled, and successful along the way.

I found that integrating these exercises in the daily work schedule, rather than waiting to do them at night (when I prefer to relax watching some video or reading a book) is waaaay better.

So grab it, it will totally change your daily routine (if you apply it, of course)


There’s a special Christmas promotion running and only a for few days you can have the Kindle version for just $3.35!

(I paid the standard $9, so what are you waiting for? Buy it now! )



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