|Let’s Celebrate Free Market Economics|

It's been a while since I wrote my last article in English. Normally, I would use this blog to share and comment the best "nuggets" I take from the books I read. Since I'm not much into novels, what you are going to find here is mostly personal development, marketing & economics, political and philosophical … Continue reading |Let’s Celebrate Free Market Economics|

Il settore privato e il futuro dell’acqua

Quello che segue è un breve estratto dal quarto capitolo ("La sfida dello sviluppo sostenibile") della mia tesi magistrale sull'agenda ONU per lo sviluppo post-2015: Con il tempo sono cresciute sia la consapevolezza che è sempre più necessario conciliare il business con le istanze ambientali e sociali, sia la convinzione che questo cambiamento produca un valore … Continue reading Il settore privato e il futuro dell’acqua

Random links #4

1 - [RICHARD BRANSON] The Entrepreneurial Approach to Climate Change: Businesses and Sustainability (also WATCH THIS) 2 - [TED] Why Democracy Still Wins. A critique of Eric X. Li's "A tale of two political systems" 3 - [FINANCIAL TIMES] Snowden Leaks Hurt US-China Relations 4 - [FORBES] Some Food For Thought: Transforming Our Global Food System 5 - [MIDDLE EAST … Continue reading Random links #4

Random links # 3

1 - Should Southern Europe Really Be More German? 2 - Can China Give BRICS Their Own Bank? 3 - China-Africa Trade: The Oriental Allure 4 - Confucianism as a World Religion 5 - Africa's Cowboy Capitalists 6 -  Obama Launches Action Plan To Address Emissions and Battle Climate Change 7 - Mediobanca to Sell Stakes in Big … Continue reading Random links # 3

Maggie – in her words

«She has the eyes of Stalin and the voice of Marilyn Monroe» Jacques Mitterand A controversial personality, perhaps the single most influential politician of the second half of the twentieth century, Margaret is someone I used to discard as a right extremist for a long time, like many people still do today. But, because of … Continue reading Maggie – in her words

Heart of Darkness – A portrait of decay and oppression

Un mio brevissimo saggio su "Cuore di tenebra"  di Joseph Conrad, studiato durante un corso di Culture dei paesi di lingua inglese: During this class we’ve had the opportunity to focus on the psychological and literary features of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. From my point view, instead, there are several sections in the book where “class” … Continue reading Heart of Darkness – A portrait of decay and oppression