|Let’s Celebrate Free Market Economics|

It’s been a while since I wrote my last article in English. Normally, I would use this blog to share and comment the best “nuggets” I take from the books I read. Since I’m not much into novels, what you are going to find here is mostly personal development, marketing & economics, political and philosophical material.

Today I’ll give you some other suggestions on how to enrich and enlighten your life and career, but I also want to disclose a little bit and tell you something about me.

Yesterday, May 1st, 2015, I did not celebrate the Worker’s Day, I instead wanted to celebrate Free Market Economics.

For many years, as an adolescent and a young university student, my concern for injustice and inequality drew me to anarchism, communism and other, more moderate, forms of socialism,. As the years went by, and as I pursued my studies in Political Science and Economics, I started to realize how poor these systems of thought have proven, and how small a place they can claim in our modern society. Truth is: The most efficient and dynamic form of organization is the one based on self-reliance and individual responsibility.

By the way, for most people yesterday was a holyday. Not for me, obviously.

Since I started my freelance career, first as Pensions & Insurance Consultant and later as Translator and Copywriter, I’m totally responsible for my own income, so no sales=no money. Thus, I practice what I preach. You see, I’m working on my dream. I serve the people, matching their self-interest with mine. This is my spot in the MARKET. I’m a self-reliant guy.

So, for those who are not familiar with this comprehensive view of the world (I know many of my friends scattered around Italy are not), please spend an hour of your time watching this nice documentary on the mighty thinker Friedrich Von Hayek:

As stated above, I spent 10 years of my life studying and asking questions on the issue of injustice and inequality. This caused me also to put much effort in order to gain mastery of Political Science (by earning a Bachelor’s degree) and International Relations (my Master’s), dwelling for so long on mostly general knowledge which the market considers of no real use. Since I became so disgusted and disenchanted about government or international organizations carreers, I decided to switch the subject of my studies to Sales & Marketing. I have not given up on Philanthropy, but I now strongly believe that each and every one of us can serve best the world by pursuing FIRST his own personal interest, by finding his place in the market, thus being really useful to others, rather than wasting his/her energies engaging in inefficient activities such as protesting, or even worse, trying to “help”.

My take is: We need to build our own personal success FIRST, and then give back to society part of what we earned. This has to happen because we individuals decide to do so, and not because the government obliges us, paying an awful amount of taxes.

We are not all equal. We do not deserve to have the same. Equality means only that we have to be guaranteed to start from the same line, but then everybody will have his own pace. Of course, I don’t want to oversimplify stuff that social sciences are still trying to understand. My truth is well spoken in Napoleon Hill’s words:

Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought

Want to find other great resources? Well, I don’t like to share much with unknown others anymore. And I won’t be writing on this blog for a while. But today I feel generous, so I’ll give you a couple suggestions for enriching your life. These are all classic authors, and you may be able to easily find their material on the web also in comfortable audio versions:

Tony Robbins

Napoleon Hill

Tim Ferriss

Dan Kennedy

Brian Tracy

Robert Ringer

Josh Waitzkin

Chances are in the next months I’ll be posting my favorite quotes, just like I did with RELENTLESS and START WITH WHY, or the awesome Margaret Thatcher’s AUTOBIOGRAPHY.




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