The shift to glocal development The articles above address some of the main aspects of global development cooperation (and social sciences in general) that represent the ongoing focus of this blog: 1 - The need to rethink the whole approach to poverty reduction through structures, ideologies and aid flows from OECD countries to developing ones. 2 - The … Continue reading The shift to glocal development

2014 will be wonderful because…

2013 has been a "transition" year for global development aid and, on a broad level, we are supposed to be optimistic about the way we're heading, which looks to be  paved with more efficiency and diversification of aid flows, aimed at strengthening national systems towards improved governance and ownership. Why optimism? The Gates Foundation outlines … Continue reading 2014 will be wonderful because…

The Food Paradox: Scarcity vs Waste

(Leggi la versione in italiano qui) Christmas Holidays are a good opportunity to stop, reflect and reason about food reality, as it displays on our table and around the world. Here in Italy, most families are used to celebrate preparing immense amounts of dishes, large parts of which will inevitably be thrown away. At the … Continue reading The Food Paradox: Scarcity vs Waste

Il settore privato e il futuro dell’acqua

Quello che segue è un breve estratto dal quarto capitolo ("La sfida dello sviluppo sostenibile") della mia tesi magistrale sull'agenda ONU per lo sviluppo post-2015: Con il tempo sono cresciute sia la consapevolezza che è sempre più necessario conciliare il business con le istanze ambientali e sociali, sia la convinzione che questo cambiamento produca un valore … Continue reading Il settore privato e il futuro dell’acqua