2014 will be wonderful because…

2013 has been a “transition” year for global development aid and, on a broad level, we are supposed to be optimistic about the way we’re heading, which looks to be  paved with more efficiency and diversification of aid flows, aimed at strengthening national systems towards improved governance and ownership.

Why optimism? The Gates Foundation outlines a bunch of pretty serious reasons – connected to the targets set in the Millennium Development Goals – for looking at this new year in a positive and pro-active manner, based on all the strides made in the field of human development so far. There’s certainly room for controversy, but equally for turning our eyes away – even if for just a moment – from the “doom and gloom” with which the news overwhelm us everyday.

On their part, World Bank’s bloggers forecasts for 2014 obviously linger on the economic challenges (regarding income, the spread of technology and the need for stability), showcasing relative optimism as well, and gamble to the point of predicting Germany’s or Uruguay’s victory at Brazil’s Soccer World Cup (no way!).

As for my country, Italy, it’s better not to look back, since everybody knows how many steps backward we made in recent years. It’s enough to mention that poverty has doubled since 2008 and the last year saw no significant measure for social development.

There’s so much to do, and the majority of improvements will likely come from the spreading social enterprises, and the non-profit sector in general.

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