I quesiti fondamentali dello sviluppo sostenibile nell’insegnamento di Jeffrey Sachs

Quello che segue è il primo di una serie di approfondimenti sui concetti chiave che compongono la teoria dello sviluppo sostenibile. Ripercorrerò in sintesi gli argomenti trattati in OLTRE GLI OBIETTIVI DEL MILLENNIO (disponibile in anteprima su Amazon Kindle) alla luce degli insegnamenti del corso "The Age of Sustainable Development", tenuto dal massimo teorico in tale … Continue reading I quesiti fondamentali dello sviluppo sostenibile nell’insegnamento di Jeffrey Sachs

The shift to glocal development

https://twitter.com/WhyDev/status/435625989985820672 https://twitter.com/WhyDev/status/436406186527981568 The articles above address some of the main aspects of global development cooperation (and social sciences in general) that represent the ongoing focus of this blog: 1 - The need to rethink the whole approach to poverty reduction through structures, ideologies and aid flows from OECD countries to developing ones. 2 - The … Continue reading The shift to glocal development

Rwanda on the path to sustainability

Twenty years after the genocide, Rwanda has emerged from suffering and hardships and is a country to which many global development insiders look with amazement. Its growth rate is slightly declining but still pretty much relevant (8% in 2012) and many other indicators mark its consistent advancements.  Much of Rwanda's relative success has been attributed … Continue reading Rwanda on the path to sustainability

The Food Paradox: Scarcity vs Waste

(Leggi la versione in italiano qui) Christmas Holidays are a good opportunity to stop, reflect and reason about food reality, as it displays on our table and around the world. Here in Italy, most families are used to celebrate preparing immense amounts of dishes, large parts of which will inevitably be thrown away. At the … Continue reading The Food Paradox: Scarcity vs Waste

Random links #4

1 - [RICHARD BRANSON] The Entrepreneurial Approach to Climate Change: Businesses and Sustainability (also WATCH THIS) 2 - [TED] Why Democracy Still Wins. A critique of Eric X. Li's "A tale of two political systems" 3 - [FINANCIAL TIMES] Snowden Leaks Hurt US-China Relations 4 - [FORBES] Some Food For Thought: Transforming Our Global Food System 5 - [MIDDLE EAST … Continue reading Random links #4

Random links #1

Here's a weekly review of the most interesting articles I happened to read online. I invite you to choose the best one and share some thoughts on it: 1- China is giving Europe a harsh lesson in geopolitics 2 - Sustainability is unhelpful: we need to think about regeneration 3 - Missing Mahmoud 4 - Female … Continue reading Random links #1


This little Himalayan country has a lot to teach to the world, as a global leader in environmentally sustainable development. Here you can watch a video that shows how sustainability can be declined, using different indicators and approaches to  "development" (i.e. measuring wealth and progress in terms of GNH instead of GDP). Do you want a simple … Continue reading HAPPINESS AND DEVELOPMENT: BHUTAN’S LESSON