Why 2016 May Be The Very Best Year Of Your Life

You know, gratitude is one of the basic ingredients of happiness. If you inject 5 minutes of gratitude in your days (better if at night, just before going to bed) I can guarantee you'll feel way better. Some days ago I received this message from bestselling author Ted Nicholas... It truly resonated with all the … Continue reading Why 2016 May Be The Very Best Year Of Your Life

|Let’s Celebrate Free Market Economics|

It's been a while since I wrote my last article in English. Normally, I would use this blog to share and comment the best "nuggets" I take from the books I read. Since I'm not much into novels, what you are going to find here is mostly personal development, marketing & economics, political and philosophical … Continue reading |Let’s Celebrate Free Market Economics|


E' prevista per il 15 settembre l'uscita in versione e-book per Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing del mio libro "OLTRE GLI OBiETTIVI DEL MILLENNIO"!  Il testo è stato scritto nel corso del 2013 in forma di tesi di laurea magistrale in Relazioni Internazionali, presso la facoltà di Scienze Politiche dell'Università Roma Tre, con relatrice la Prof. Cristiana Carletti, affermata giurista in tema di organizzazioni internazionali e diritto internazionale dello sviluppo. Il sottotitolo recita "LA SFIDA DELLO SVILUPPO SOSTENIBILE NELL’AGENDA DELLE NAZIONI UNITE PER IL POST-2015" e qui di seguito condivido con voi la scheda di presentazione: Gli Obiettivi di Sviluppo del … Continue reading In arrivo “OLTRE GLI OBIETTIVI DEL MILLENNIO”

2014 will be wonderful because…

2013 has been a "transition" year for global development aid and, on a broad level, we are supposed to be optimistic about the way we're heading, which looks to be  paved with more efficiency and diversification of aid flows, aimed at strengthening national systems towards improved governance and ownership. Why optimism? The Gates Foundation outlines … Continue reading 2014 will be wonderful because…

The Food Paradox: Scarcity vs Waste

(Leggi la versione in italiano qui) Christmas Holidays are a good opportunity to stop, reflect and reason about food reality, as it displays on our table and around the world. Here in Italy, most families are used to celebrate preparing immense amounts of dishes, large parts of which will inevitably be thrown away. At the … Continue reading The Food Paradox: Scarcity vs Waste

Combattere la schiavitù moderna in Italia/ Fighting modern-day slavery in Italy

Il breve documentario che segue - recentemente prodotto dalle Nazioni Unite - affronta la questione spesso trascurata del discernimento delle vittime di tratta, operazione che dovrebbe avvenire al momento del soccorso e dell'accoglienza - su cui l'Italia ha molto da fare, come testimoniano gli scioccanti fatti di questi giorni. D'altronde, degli orrori perpetrati a Lampedusa … Continue reading Combattere la schiavitù moderna in Italia/ Fighting modern-day slavery in Italy

Our Primary Challenge: Defeat Hunger and Achieve Food Security For All (1)

Hunger is directly linked to poverty and their extremes are interwoven. It's not a coincidence that the first goal set in the MDGs' framework back in 2000 was to eradicate this two-faced damnation of mankind. As recently stated by the World Bank - for the first time in history - humanity has the means to … Continue reading Our Primary Challenge: Defeat Hunger and Achieve Food Security For All (1)

Random links #2

1 - Hire Economics: Why Applying to Jobs Is a Waste of Time 2 - How to Get From Distraction to Satisfaction 3 - Try Africapitalism 4 - Forget Poverty. Let's Talk About Business 5 - Tesla: Electric Cars Are The Future 6 - China's Great Uprooting: Moving 250 Millions Into Cities 7 - Why … Continue reading Random links #2

Random links #1

Here's a weekly review of the most interesting articles I happened to read online. I invite you to choose the best one and share some thoughts on it: 1- China is giving Europe a harsh lesson in geopolitics 2 - Sustainability is unhelpful: we need to think about regeneration 3 - Missing Mahmoud 4 - Female … Continue reading Random links #1

The Vision of Wangari Maathai

Who's an inspirational leader? I'd say somebody like her, Prof. Wangari Maathai, founder of the Green Belt Movement. An activist and a thinker who was able to explain the linkages between poverty, lack of democracy and environment degradation. The video that follows can serve as an introduction to this fascinating personality, her fight and life: