Dante and adventures… with an extra gear 🤠

Hello from Ravenna,

you may not know this: 

Last March 25th was “Dantedì” here in Italy – “Dante Day”. 

700 hundred years have passed since the mighty poet, inventor of the Italian language and author of the Divine Comedy, started his descent into Inferno (Hell).

I studied the guy in high school and thought he was a national treasure. Then, in my twenties I began traveling and was thrilled to discover his huge influence all over the world.

For instance, when I drove through the Death Valley with my wife Paola I found out that the best view was along the Black Mountains, in a place called… “Dante’s view”.

And what about Ravenna? 

This is the city where I live now. Sure, it is lesser known than Florence – where the poet was born – though here is where he found refuge in the last years of exile and where his remains are kept.

I don’t know about your country, but Italy is still largely in lockdown. Rules are not so smart, as we’re free to go out “only for shopping” even though most shops are closed.

So yesterday, after many hours of writing and skype-calling, I took my little child Mauro – now 7 months old – out for a walk.

We went to the fascinating Mausoleum, just a mile from our home. 

I wanted to paid tribute.

I stood there, in front of the marble tomb, surrounded by the medieval buildings and an eerie silence. 

I said “Son, you’re born here. You should feel the connection”.

He looked at me, than turned to Dante and yelled “weee”.

I’m sure Mauro will know better in the future. There’s often a public reading of Dante’s works here. Before COVID-19, there were even public shows, where the whole community was invited to partecipate in the play. 

No one in the last 7 centuries was able to match the complexity, imagination and technical finesse of the Divine Comedy. I don’t think I could ever narrate such a journey from Hell to Paradise for thousands of pages without ever missing a rhyme. 

But as my own novel deals with a descent into the depths of a mystical place, I am happy to share with you some of the recent feedback from fellow readers.

An Italian blogger wrote:

“All the adventures, perfect innovations of those that made me dream as a teenager, in Larry H have an extra gear and are produced by an author who has a rare humanity.”

Also, there’s good news if you don’t read on Kindle.

As I announced months ago, I wanted to have the book published on all platforms in order to reach as many new readers as possibile. And I finally did.

Today “MACHSOM” is available in ebook on AppleGoogle, Kobo and other stores.

Check out this link to find it on your preferred store


If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email.

Thank for your attention and support.

Until next time, I salute you!

Andrew Lisi


If you despise the idea of reading on an electronic device, there’s no problem. You can order the paperback direct from my publishing house

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